Periodontally Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics

Periodontally Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics (PAOO) is a modern clinical procedure that has been developed to improve Orthodontic treatment. The benefits of PAOO include

  1. Increasing alveolar bone width
  2. Shortening treatment times
  3. Increasing post-treatment stability
  4. Decreasing the amount of apical root resorption

It combines selective Alveolar Corticotomy, particulate bone grafting and application of orthodontic forces. This procedure is theoretically based on the bone healing pattern known as Regional Acceleratory Phenomenon (RAP).

The Sydney Periodontist Centre has been trained in the Wilckodontics system which was developed to permit safe and rapid movement of teeth and to achieve a stable result. To facilitate the movement of roots of the teeth through the surrounding bone, a periodontal bone activation technique is used. This technique varies somewhat depending on the type of tooth movement desired. It is the bone activation that lessens the potential for root damage and resorption.

By activating the bone there is a temporary decrease in the hardness of the bone and an increase in cellular activity within the bone. This lessens the likelihood of substantial root resorption especially in adults where the bone is typically less vital than in adolescence. Consequently the teeth can be moved through the bone more rapidly and safely.

Bone grafting is performed in conjunction with the bone activation to strive to maintain the integrity of the jaw and lessen the risks of gum recession. If there is bone missing over the prominence of the root prior to treatment, an attempt is made to regenerate it. Another important reason for bone grafting is to have additional support for the lips in the completed case, thus creating a more stable result.

This procedure is often carried out under local anesthetic with sedation so the patient feels no pain. Different types of sedation can be used in addition to the local anesthetic.

When the anesthetic wears off, there is usually some discomfort but this is minimal in nature because of the primary closure of the wound. This means the gums are returned to their original position and there are no areas left open or exposed.

Our emphasis is on helping you achieve the best possible and stable orthodontic result in the shortest time available. Ask your Orthodontist about Periodontally Assisted Osteogenic Orthodontics.